Moving… Again

I’m Sorry to announce that I’m on the move again. Although I love it doesn’t fit my needs in terms of what I want to do with it. I need a litle more control over my wordpress installation. So yesterday I installed WordPress in my domain and I’m shifting everything to there. Please feel free to visit me at my new home at Dave’s Tech Rest

Steve Jobs Helps to Sell Desktop Linux

Today’s market share of Operating Systems is very unbalanced. Windows desktops rule almost everywhere. Mac OS X is growing is realm of influence as costumers find it more usable than Microsoft Windows. And The third contender in this story is Linux. Linux in the desktop world has been developed by hordes of volunteers that all want something out of their desktop. Is it a free operating system, is it a rival to Microsoft, is it a philosophy… linux is known to be a OS for geeks. The unsuccess of such a great product is not due to quality, that it has lots of it to offer, but it is due to the lack of an appellative image. Today I was listening to some podcast and thought of some ideas that would benefit linux:

  1. Linux shouldn’t be “sold” as an Operative System. Linux should be “sold” as a Life Style. That’s what Apple does with it’s shiny MAC OS X. Every Mac user loves is computer and is desktop and always grabs it as the best thing out there. Steve Sells this idea of a lifestyle better than anyone else.
  2. The “Sold” in 1. is used on purpose. Not a joke or a free open source sting. Linux shouldn’t think of the Linux users as Users, but as Clients. As in real business, clients are always right. And Linux developers should think of any download a client does as a Sell. No more RTFM when talking to clients. This is the worst case of disrespect that any linux developer can have for those who want to use the system.
  3. The Steve Jobs thing, again. We could say: “how can apple sell that lifestyle image if Steve dresses so bad?” He dresses that bad because he has keynotes to present to geeks. So he dresses according. But what about apple site? There’s no geek photos in . All happy people, family oriented, successful living people. And all of them happy. Smiling. Enjoying life, not their computers. They all enjoy their lifes even if they use a mac along. This is smart. This is what linux must do. Linux must be able to transmit a different image from developers eating pizza and coding for 18h a day. That’s not the notion clients have of fun. If linux doesn’t transmit the idea of happiness and fulfillment to the client he will NOT even try linux.
  4. Ubuntu. This last idea of Happy Life Style is being already tested by some Linux distributions. UBUNTU’s Login screen shows a circle of happy people smiling. Normal people. This image of community and happiness probably has brought more new linux users to this desktop than any other feature. Sure, Geeks will say that it was ubuntus release schedule or it’s easy to use interface, or even just because it is brown… but the truth is that people don’t try things if they don’t feel secure. That image of an desired LIFESTYLE will catch the client.
  5. Difficulties. The client will have difficulties, obviously, but that’s where Linux has to say: “We acknowledge your problem, We’ll work on it and we’ll report to you soon. Keep on with your life, don’t worry about your computer problem.” Linux Distro companies should always think that the client as a life outside computers, and that the company is not selling an operative system. The distro company should think it as selling a Lifestyle benefit.

Some of this opinions might be controversial. Developers probably will find it difficult to put themselves in the role of sellers. But at the end, when desktop linux is closing the gap on other systems, someone has to think it in this terms. Any unhappy client will take any opportunity to run away of the shop. It’s up for those who live by the Linux Desktop to think how to keep that client. They are who can boost Linux to the point where the market share can shift…

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Bad Logins

I hate when a Website is badly programmed. Today I tried to submit a story to a portuguese digg alike called ““. I misspelled my password and had to rewrite it. It was my typo, no problem. Then I wrote the story I wanted to submit, but when I pressed the Submit Button it said “Chave Errada” – “Wrong Password”. Hm? WTF? Wrong password? This made me forget the story and probably the site.

Is Technology really useful?

Sometimes a person has to stop driving and check the car’s engine. It’s a must. In tech world the same thing is true. We can’t always be in a rush to get to somewhere. The dot com boom proved this as many of those rocket companies ended up with a bang. Sometimes it is better to reevaluate what we are doing. Probably we should impose ourselves a schedule for that. Say every six months? And at certain times we can eve think on the need of all this. Is technology really necessary? Couldn’t we be happy living in caves, eating berries that we could recollect and hunting big Mammoths?

Hm… Naah!… Back to the Real World David. Tech is great!

How to make money from an Open Science Project?

Is this possible? Being an engineer, I used to work with some proprietary software to do some science research, and at some times used to do some programing too. All researcher ends ups programing a bit, even if in that ugly FORTRAN 77 from classes… but we all do program at some level.

So. At a certain point how can you trust the results of a closed source, proprietary, software? And what if you have to review someone work and you don’t have the software that person used, because you can’t afford buying a license just for that.

This leads to open source. Open Source would solve this. But this would make the open source companies very poor. How could someone do some money with science open source?

My opinion is that open source companies have to be reliable, and go to their costumers and give them a full set of services and support. That person that has to review that paper could do the job alone, but if he didn’t have the software he probably would have an hill to climb and learn how to work with it. Science software is so specific that it would require a long time on the code. Here support would come in and sell some services.

Other thing people could do to “sell” the open-science is to release the software in 2 versions. One, in single station work, and another with support for multi processing. It’s a fact that todays science require very parallel processing, so this could be a solution.

Someone suggested advertisement as a solution, but I don’t like the idea of having a science software with some kind of popup or banner. It’s to lame for a science software and it would demean the credibility of it.

SSD memory just around the corner

A tiny memory chip will become the main storage device incorporated into notebook computers beginning this year in place of conventional, bulky hard disc drives.

Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of memory chips, Tuesday unveiled such a scheme at the Samsung Mobile Solution Forum at Taipei.

During the third annual event, the firm demonstrated the world’s first 32 gigabyte NAND flash-based solid state drive (SDD) that will replace hard disc drives.

Samsung is just on the verge of a revolution! The new SSD devices offer 32GB of pure fun for computers. This devices will replace in some near future the hard drive component. Besides being faster in Read an Write operations, the SSD also doesn’t have any moving mechanical parts, witch is one of the traditional Hard Drive handicaps. For now, the price tag is still to high, but it will drop as technology gets wide acceptance. I hope to see this kind of tech soon.

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Problemas do Blogger são Constantes

Mantive durante muito tempo alguns blogs no serviço do Blogger. Por um lado, o blogger foi durante muito tempo uma ferramenta que funcionava bem. A verdade é que ultimamente o downtime é cada vez maior. Ou eles não querem investir nos equipamentos que alimentam o serviço, ou … ou então é mesmo só azelhice. Assim, e como sou fã do WordPress desde o tempo do 1.x decidi vir aqui experimentar este bom comanheiro. Mudar o sixhat para aqui? Ainda não sei. Para já este é o sixhat private parts, onde poderei opinar sobre o que se for passando nos projectos onde vou andando. O podcast vai continuar no blogger, mas certamente terei planos para este serviço…