MacBook Shutdowns

Well, My Macbook started to randomly shutdown. Sometimes after just booting, other times after 10 min. Is it because today is September 11?

Yesterday I’de installed Snapz Pro, an aplication that needs to install a audio kernel extension. Might it be the problem? I felt that my MacBook was a litle bit slower after I’ve Installed it.

One of my Shutdowns ocurred during a file copy to an iomega Hard Drive. After 650Mb of copying it became very slow and the fans just kicked in like crazy and then it shutdown.

After uninstalling SnapZ Pro and rebooted, I copied a 2.5GB folder without problems. Copy a 3th folder (3.0Gb of files) the fans kicked in again arround 2Gb but than in managed to go through to the end…

Tomorrow it’s apple center visit day… Damn!…