Green Meme

As tagged by Duarte.

What do you do in your everyday life, that you would consider green?
I dream in pink terms…

How is your surroundings supporting your green ways?
I might have to tag them, but I doubt that the BigBrother will answer this…

How is your surrounding standing in your way of green choices?
cars, cars, cars, smog, people, smog, cars, and even more cars… if that doesn’t stand in the way of pink…

Is there any actions you want to take to create a more green environment around you?
Dream in other colors too…

What is the biggest threat to the Earth’s wellbeing these days?

Whom are you going to tag in the green meme?
Well, Maria João although having some points of view that differ from hers, I respect her thoughts on things, and these days Respect is something that isn’t cheap.

Please tag this meme with “greenmeme”.

Normalmente não costumo responder a estas coisas, mas como fui Tagged pelo Duarte achei que estava encurralado… Quanto a isto ser em Inglês… já não é muito normal eu escrever em Inglês por aqui (Inglês só para os papers, ultimamente) mas perdoem-me a preguiça de traduzir isto para português.


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  1. Hi, Wonderful that you wanted to fill this out… *s* I like your color approach.. *s*

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