Peugeot-Citroën de Vigo a Madrid sem mãos no volante

Claro que esta viagem entre Vigo e Madrid em Espanha parece mais uma habilidade para jornalistas do que propriamente um programa continuado de desenvolvimento. Basta ver a quantidade de engravatados que o video mostra.

O que é interessante é que quase todas as companhias automóveis tem neste mo…

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Playing with the A* Algorithm

var url = “/java/astar/astar.jnlp”; deployJava.createWebStartLaunchButton(url, ‘1.6.0’); JavaScript and Java are required for this page. Please also check your permission settings.

In computer science, A* (pronounced “A star”) is a computer algorithm that is widely used in…

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R and iGraph: Colouring Community Nodes by attributes

Plotting the results of community detection on networks, sometimes one is interested in more than the connections between nodes. These entities are usually multidimensional and you might want to represent other aspects other than the network links between nodes. Representing node attributes in…

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Dell pulling a Lenovo/Volkswagen?

You don’t need David Cameron to break encryption, or the feds, or any secret agency in the world. Computer companies are doing it gladly. Dell laptops have been found to be pre-installed with rogue SSL certificates that can allow attackers to impersonate as any HTTPS protected website….

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Estilo norma portuguesa NP405 para Endnote

A norma de citações bibliográficas normalmente adoptada em Portugal é a norma NP405. Quando se está a tentar escrever uma artigo académico em Portugal de acordo com esta norma de citações bibliográficas fica-se com a sensação que não há software que automatize o estilo segundo a norma.

A verda…

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Are we buying smartphone spies into our lives?

With all the “apps” you can eat (install) mantra, smartphones represent one of the biggest threats to our privacy. MIT researchers found that most popular Android Apps are killing devices batteries with constant background covert communications. 63 percent of the external …

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The crazy fear of the West with refugees

Why is the west so alarmed with refugees? Well, science explains it but knowing our fears and the ways our primal brains work won’t we be forced — as rational beings that we think we are — to fight our prejudices and ease the boundaries between us and them? Or we might just…