AppleScript: search clipboard text on

When I’m working on something interesting I usually want to check if I’ve already mentioned it the blog. This script allows me to quickly open a new tab on Google Chrome and search on for a text that I’ve copied into the clipboard.

— This script is based on a…

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Anti Ad Blockers NO VISIT Websites list

Anti Ad Blockers are now being used by online publishers as a counter measure to, well… Ad Blockers.  I find this outranging and intrusive.  This is an interference with my private choice of having an ad blocker installed.
If I don’t want to see Ads, I don’t see ads, PERIOD.  …

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Driverless bus trial in Netherlands

An electric, driverless shuttle bus has taken to Dutch public roads on Thursday, rolling six passengers along a 200m stretch of road in the first trial of its kind worldwide. — in the guardian

And this is not really much, but it is a start, although I think that having self-driving mass…

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Where are we heading in knowledge preservation?

The Internet Archive is not Google.
The Internet Archive is a chaotic, beautiful mess. It’s not well-organized, and its tools for browsing and searching the wealth of material on there are still rudimentary, but getting better.
— by Andy Baio

The discussion about the how to preserve k…

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Guardian Puzzle Feb 1, 2016 – The shady puzzle that will keep you in the dark

This is my solution to the Guardian Puzzle of Feb 1, 2016. The puzzle asks the reader to “design a room with straight walls in which there is a position for a single light source that leaves either part or all of every wall in shadow.”

My solution guarantees that each wall of the…

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