The weirdest thing about Apple’s Touch Bar is that it might be really good

I haven’t written about Apple in a long time, mainly because the past iterations of the Mac have been very bland. Finally, after so many nights Apple showed something that might be truly interesting for the future of laptops. The Touch Bar. I really think that this hybrid approach to input in t…

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The problems of upgrading to Sierra

There you go again, apple releases a new OS and Dave starts bitching about how Sierra is broken. Here’s a list of things that stopped working and that I’m really upset about:

I use a different keyboard layout called ColemaP. A slightly optimised version of Colemak. And it relies on the Caps Loc…

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Se o arrependimento mattasse: A AF-S 35mm f1.8 G é excelente

Há algum tempo disse aqui que achava que a lente AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f1.8 G da Nikon era um mau investimento. Na altura justifiquei essa opinião comparando-a com a 35mm f2 AF-D. A verdade é que não podia estar mais enganado.

Dizer mal de uma lente nem sempre é fácil e se não metermos a mão na ma…

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