Apple needs a new CEO, Tim Cook must resign.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook must resign and the company should shift towards a more aggressive development strategy. Apple at the present is just a company of incremental improvements of existing products and market expansion.

There are no new products to come. No new directions to travel. The problem…

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The weirdest thing about Apple’s Touch Bar is that it might be really good

I haven’t written about Apple in a long time, mainly because the past iterations of the Mac have been very bland. Finally, after so many nights Apple showed something that might be truly interesting for the future of laptops. The Touch Bar. I really think that this hybrid approach to input in t…

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The problems of upgrading to Sierra

There you go again, apple releases a new OS and Dave starts bitching about how Sierra is broken. Here’s a list of things that stopped working and that I’m really upset about:

I use a different keyboard layout called ColemaP. A slightly optimised version of Colemak. And it relies on the Caps Loc…

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APFS might be the best new thing in macOS Sierra

I’ve long forgotten to watch Apple keynotes because honestly … they don’t present much these days and my time is very valuable to be sitting for 90 minutes watching promotional material. BUT, in the latest presentation of the future operating system there was something that…

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Apple is starting to crack and everyone is hitting curve balls at it. The greatest company on earth is not growing anymore. What? Panic? What should I do? What happened? A few quick notes.

The most painful truth about apple is that in recent years apple focused more on the superficial than on…

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AppleScript: search clipboard text on

When I’m working on something interesting I usually want to check if I’ve already mentioned it the blog. This script allows me to quickly open a new tab on Google Chrome and search on for a text that I’ve copied into the clipboard.

— This script is based on a…

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E se a Apple tivesse uma Lista Negra?

Será que a ideia é assim tão doida? Agora foi o Podaster na appstore do iphone, mas imaginem que a Apple decidia fazer o mesmo no Desktop?

você não poderia utilizar o Lightroom porque já tem o iPhoto,

você não poderia utilizar o Word porque já tem o TextEdit

você não poderia utilizar o Firefox porque já tem o Safari

Gostava de utilizar um OSX assim? Pelos vistos a Apple gostava.